Liz Walsh-Boyd

Index: Kahlo, Frida
A Few Small Nips, 222; abortions, 3 or 4;
accidents: the tram & Diego, 27, 28;
Born in the Blue House, 1907;
Bolsheviks & Bosh: influences;
Crusades, Conquistadors, and Colonizers, 1000;
Day of the Dead: 11/2
Fulang Chang and I frame The Four Inhabitants
of Mexico; 1937-1938; gringolandia: awful;
grandparents: (German, Indian, Spanish), 4;
Heart of the One World ends, 1519;
Holy Mother, Holy Father: everywhere;
hypochondria: always;  Inquisition, 1571;
imaginary friend, 1 or 2; infidelities, 100;
Jesus Christ and Judas wearing jewelry, 13;
Kahlo, Wilhelm: father, Atheist Jew;
Kahlo, Matilde: mother, Christian Mestiza;
La Chingada: woman violated;
Love Embrace of the Universe: woman
triumphant;  Metztli: Nahuatl name for the moon;
Nahuatl: language & culture of the Anahuac;
operations, 32;  osteomyelitis: reported;
polio, 1913;  pata de palo:  (peg-leg), 1914 on;
Quetzalcoatl (Plumed Serpent) & Queen
Isabella: same page; Revolution, 1910;
realism: (fantastic); realism: (refined): every
page;  self-portraits: (sexuality in, suffering in):
all;  tropic ulcers: many;
Tree of Hope Stand Fast, 1; United States, 48;
Virgin of Guadalupe and victims: countless;
Way of the Dead, wet nurse, Wilhelm: end,
middle, beginning;  Xipe: (flayed god), 999;
Zapotec Indians: found between pages,
between lines, fuming in ink till the end,

Copyright 1998, Liz Walsh-Boyd

Liz Walsh-Boyd, a social service worker, and volunteer coordinator for Richard Hugo House, has published in Arnazella, Bellowing Ark, The Panhandler, Waterways, and Switched-on Gutenberg.  She studies poetry at the University of Washington Extension Program and started Frida-mania for us.

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