Liz Walsh-Boyd

The Semi-Haiku of Fridamania
Art historians
lecture on key chains bearing
her penguinous brows.

Philosophers read
Tres Senoritas hoping
to unveil the masques.

cogitate on coffee cups
iconed with her mug.

Politicos freak us
with sanguineous tales
of her Stalinist love.

Poets purchase fakes
of Pre-Hispanic statues
to burn in mantle shrines.

Folk singers crank their
fetishistic mantras in-
to a dirge of life.

In Paris, Franz stubs
his cigarette into her
face, now an ashtray.

Copyright 1998, Liz Walsh-Boyd
Liz Walsh-Boyd, a social service worker and volunteer coordinator for Richard Hugo House, has published in Arnazella, Bellowing Ark, The Panhandler, Waterways, and Switched-on Gutenberg.  She studies poetry at the University of Washington Extension Program and started Frida-mania for us.

Switched-on Gutenberg 
Thematic Contents / Vol. 3, No. 2 
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