Mark Newman

Artifact Kahlo
Dirtís different seen
on her pair of sandals now in a
museum collection touring this
part of the States in a dock
warehouse roomed off by theme,
by caliber, by style, by
Dirtís aglitter like lit ash above
the age-old leathern walking
sandals not on her feet for one,
two, three sequentially-born
layers of peasant men.
Metatarsal arch of her, now
What of the dirt in the clasps and
Aztec tooling?  The tread where
trod.  Tobacco ground after
conversation.  Zapato witnesses
of a walk now rested.  Wild roses
root along her shin and what was
pelvis, now crushed pearl

Copyright 1998, Mark Newman
Mark Newman writes and publishes his sometimes darkly satirical work from the West Coast.  He is a founding member of the Seattle group, Live Poets, which regularly gives public readings.  Mark graduated UCLA and teaches English for the Seattle Community College District.

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