Taking My Measure


I span the prairies
(Wide I am wide)
My breath is birdsong
My sweet thighs
contain the curve of hills,
their sunlit sway
Orioles rest in the space behind my eyes,
dart briefly through my arteries
Little mouse bones dance in the whirr of my blood

Between my sunny hips all rivers flow:
The slow waters that course and wind
a thousand miles far
The swift water that plunges over
parapets of stone
The deep water beneath the plain
that seeps through peat and soil and sand
that creeps below the gravel line
that goes beneath the rock and wets
my bones


Nudibranch, Indonesia, copyright 2005 Mary Pearson

Copyright 2012,  Jennifer Highland

Jennifer Highland’s poetry has appeared in Atlanta Review, Isotope, Number One, and other journals and anthologies. She is in private medical practice in central New Hampshire.

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