Switched-on Gutenberg Issue 16
    I offer this:
    I've loved & been loved.
       Popping off beer top: So,
           you write poetry?

     I iron my red vest & speak!
        Clapping my symbols.
       How does a spider pray?
           Upside down
      Room chatter. Granted:      a yarn spinner in reverse
   stuffed mushrooms,olive tapenade,   four legs working,  two holding
   brie & cantaloupe, Riesling, Syrah,    a crystal ball, two legs arcing
   calamari, pineapple stuffed lychee,          back toward sky.
prosciutto melon, mango coconut salad,    
     sourdough peasant loaf.    
   A '74 VW van pulls up curb side.  
             Brown eyes listen. A woman's elbow juts out of a girl's  
     I close my eyes & see them. frontal lobe. Hello. I open the head,  
    greet the driver. She carries black  
    bottom chocolate chip cookies &  
    a bed roll. I write a place for her.  
        It's a funnel    
        cloud on the    
       horizon or an    
        open grave    
    She sips a mojito. How long have you been    
         taking care of him? Mint flecks
                              Pantomime a drowsy cat,                     suspended.
                                 face full of bees.    

Copyright 2010,  Priya Keefe

Priya Keefe has been published in qarrtsiluni and Pontoon 7, and has performed at the Bumbershoot festival. She currently curates the Seattle City Council "Words' Worth" poetry reading series.

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