Switched-on Gutenberg Issue 16
Message to the Person in Charge

This imaginary shock at the beginning of time
breaks the procrastination of idle deities
incapable of pushing more than a flower a day
through the graceless spikes of their wounded fingers.
The predestinarian winces when dry ground is mentioned.
The undiscovered sugar of a new dessert
offers up great promise to the devourer of this resource—
but, a rebuttal, nothing palatable is presented.
The oystercatcher’s palatine is vaster
and even wetter than the incessant reign of a crying god.
This bowl of unhappiness, this death in the family,
this irresponsible Girl Wonder catches a glimpse
of an uncommon traffic of chariots—
this container of spirit is wildly crushed by what’s left.

Fragment Generator (Pocket Model)
Copyright 2010, David Francis

Copyright 2010,  Brian P. Katz

Brian P. Katz has been a factory worker, a waiter, a house painter, a set builder, a cook and a creative writing teacher — and a lousy one at that. He dragged his small family across the Atlantic to Northern England to try something new; but, that "new" got old fast and now they're living in NYC where he teaches at a community college.

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