J. Kevin Wolfe

Liberty Had Che Guevara in a Headlock

Liberty had Che Guevara in a headlock
And standing on Stalin's face
she calmly said
"The goal of revolution
is merely to overcome apathy"

Marx got a dirty look
squirming in his seat
"The goal is that the people
are aware of injustice"
Mao's unconvincing grin remained
through a muffled cough

"The great weapons:
satire and unpassioned truth"
Marat doodled as she warned
"Fanaticism is blind passion
and can barely be trusted in a frenzy"
Gandhi cleaned his glasses and smiled polite

"Hatred is not
what freedom is about!"
she screamed at
an uncomfortable Bolshevik
"Revenge never set anyone free!"
Pancho Villa's mustache was
not big enough to hide a snicker

And Liberty herself laughed
when she realized
she had been baring one breast and
why the boys
were paying attention

Copyright 1999,  J. Kevin Wolfe
Job:  writer, radio host, photographer, cartoonist.  Hobbies:  poetry, attempting to learn Portuguese, encouraging a 3 and 6 year-old, poetry, cycling,  1/2 hour of TV a week,  poetry.  Favorite Foods:  TexMex & India.  Words Most Want To Eliminate From English: "empowerment", "enabler".  Fave Composer:  Erik Satie (though he doesn't seem to do much anymore).  "Liberty Had Che Guevera in a Headlock" first appeared in Little Read Writer's Hood.

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