Robert Winfield

drinking problem
(drunken cure...)

a spent match cradles
(the ashtray...i think)

of you...apparently not
(drunk enough not to...)

so i keep drinking
(knowing tomorrow)

will be the
(endurance, a joke, a)

game of impossible

my laziness will
(intercede or other)

weaknesses transcend
(my better senses...)

itís happened before but
(please donít remind me)

of imperfections
(or make me think or)

even stop drinking!
(it is all a bet, a)

longshot and i hedge
(certain that if i)

wasnít driven to drink
(the world would still be)

insane when i woke
(sober for a change)

and ready to prove
(something without proof)

of alcohol or you
(reminding me i should...)

very well then have it
(your way i am not)

spent but okay now
(cradled in your arms)

or is that too easy?
(your body has no)

hardness about it...
(it was made for escape-)

making sleep come fast-
(making drink seem like)

some hobby you learned
(to turn away from...)

yet you attach a
(caveat of hard stuff)

with a life of its own:
("donít lie to me...or go!")

Copyright 1999,   Robert Winfield

 Robert Winfield is a career ad man/writer of the freelance ilk.  This is his first published work on the internet.

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