Millie Renfrow

Horror Film
                         --inspired by "Ma Pickled Everything Last Summer,"
                           a painting by Sydney Roark

I have pickled our elusive little Eloise.
The crystalline baby shimmers lightly
reflected in an incandescent bulb
gently swaying in the slightly,
ever-so-ripely  scented breeze.

I bitter all the sweet—Anticipation tenses:
Peel back the babyfuzz of skin, draw
and quarter just the plump and juicy fruit.
Add salt and dill.   I must admit the thrill
keeps me jarred out of my senses.

Copyright 1999,  Millie Renfrow

Millie Renfrow has been studying poetry through the University of Washington Poetry Writing Program for four quarters now.  Her other life includes painting, drawing, stone carving, travel, theater, the study of Portuguese and tutoring Brazilian children in English.

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