Millie Renfrow

A Lewis Carroll Carol
                            --  with apologies

"I will leave all the munching
and any serious crunching,"
said the mildly-mannered
humble bumble bee,
"to the oyster always lunching
just shortly after brunching,
though he hasn’t any teeth
as you can plainly see."

Said the ornery little oyster
to the flighty bumble bee,
"The seed of my undoing
is this irritation, growing,
as my appetite for pearl
a cyclic tidal flowing.

"Since running is so awkward,
and I never have to pee,
and flying is forbidden
at the bottom of the sea,
why, lunching after brunching
and, oh, please, throw in High Tea—
krill sandwiches, a spicy Ming—
come quite naturally to me."

Copyright 1999,  Millie Renfrow

Millie Renfrow has been  studying poetry through the University of Washington Poetry Writing Program for four quarters now.   Her other life includes painting, drawing, stone carving, travel, theater, the study of Portuguese and tutoring Brazilian children in their English.

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