David Sutherland

Inkspots and Assorted Patterns

Inkspots and assorted patterns
Obscure the view to yesterday,
With memory blots whose disarray
Trace lines that edge along sharp matters
Harsh words exchanged and long, long after
Blur the pain one could convey
Like Rorschach patterns on display,
That smear and blend into disaster
The childish things that one has said
Has taken more than its fair toll,
As my apology instead
Is merely dross poured off its gold,
Of turning fitful dreams to lead,
And melting sugar into soul.

Copyright 1996, David Sutherland

David Sutherland's poems have appeared in many journals, including Trincoll Journal, Oyez
, and CrossConnect. His work has been translated in both German and Spanish for
overseas distribution.

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