Kevin Miller

Last Attempt to Heal Catherine Moran

Paper rips, the heart tears.
Steam from the kettle smells of roses.

The biscuit moon sifts light over the meadow.
A fall salmon loses its silver corolla.

Memories of goldfinch loop like butter
beyond the fence while I trace you

across china. When the petals fill this cup,
I shall drink the thorns of your disease,

nourish myself on changing moons and find
a light that whispers morning to your bones.

Copyright 1994, Kevin Miller

Kevin Miller lives in Gig Harbor, Washington. His first book, Light That Whispers
(Blue Begonia Press, 1994), received the Bumbershoot/Weyerhaeuser
Publication Award. "Last Attempt to Heal Catherine Moran" was reprinted from
this book with the permission of the author.

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