Mercedes Lawry

An Emphasis on Perseverance

The willingness of light
and how we devour it to feed ourselves.

The shadow is intriguing. Where
shadows meet, the darker oval
draws us near. A sort of mirror, a sea
humbled by penetrating eyes.

Not everyone adores the rise of hackles.
Not everyone thrills to discovery.

A fat glove of clouds releases
onto blue, a sudden, clean canvas.
Sighs of relief float across windows
like haggard geese at journey's end.

We drink the white sky, grow giddy
as we slip off the ponderous, clattering
questions. Muscles stiffen.
We wait for a sign, then move
down the road , leaving a thumb of gray
for the bright wing that shrinks
the pupil, loves the skin.

All instinct, we raise our hands
like tiny stars against the fiery orange.
This code for despair. The whisper
of invisible fish as they pass through our bones.

Copyright 1997, Mercedes Lawry

Mercedes Lawry has published poetry for twenty-three years in journals such as Fine Madness,
Seattle Review, Indiana Review, Caliban, Blue Mesa Review, Alaska Quarterly Review
, and
Bloomsbury Review. Currently she is the Communications Director for National CASA, a child
advocacy organization for abused and neglected children.

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