Terri Cohlene


I am Desert, fevered, fasting, heat rising.
          I am Vulture soaring over cactus bones.
                    I am Sidewinder, Scorpion, Coyote.

I am Barren Earth, tawny, rippling.
          I am Puma.
                    I am Thunder Cloud crying over stony beds.

I am Saguaro, Ocotillo, bursting scarlet and golden.
          I am Lifebreath, lifting eagle wings and dove.

I am Living Rock thrust skyward, pulling at the sun.
          I am Crystal Cavern, Sacred Kiva.
                    I am Footbeat, Heartbeat, Roadrunner, Anasazi.

I am Echoed Voices, Visions singing.
          I am Desert, fevered, fasting,
                    Spirit rising.

Copyright 1997, Terri Cohlene

Terri Cohlene is an author of children's books. She is best known for her series of adapted Native
American legends, including: Little Firefly, Clamshell Boy, Quillworker, Dancing Drum, Ka-ha-si
and the Loon,
and Turquoise Boy (Troll Books & Rourke Publishing). Her newest picture book,
Ribbons for Mikele, is due for future release by Morrow Jr. Books.

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