Table of Contents

Alicia OstrikerBerkeley: Youth And Age
Joan Ross BlaedelRed Hill (Art Work)
Esther Altshul HelfgottDriving Home From Mother's House
Carolyn Locke Crows
Donna WaidtlowThe City-Girl Learns About Meat
Barbara L. ThomasAmenities
Ruth FlandersAbout Your Things
Marge PiercyThe Promotion
Joan Ross BlaedelBroken Wing
Water And Wood (Art Work)
Patricia GoedickeWhirling Dervishes II
Arthur Ginsberg The Chief Of Medicine
Reginald GibbonsAdmiration
Liz Walsh-BoydThe Mailman and the Master
Marilyn Mashburn LewisSalem
Norm GoodwinOde To A Madrona Tree
Robin Lindley Stars Begin With Collapse
Doug NathanThe Rabbis Debate
John Marshall Backyard Nuthatch Active
Ted LordLetter To Your Seratonin
Joanne Barrie LynnMaggots
Maura BramkampLeah Speaks
Kathy BanasA Kind of Death
Karl Garson Iowa, From Montana
Gerald Williams Eye See
Mary Lynne Evans Losing It After The Shooting
Susan Mersereau The Dinner Party
Kim Hamilton Candy Houses
Stan Rice Erotic Fantasy
Susan LittlefieldThe Reign Of Kai
Peg Davis.. In That Order
Thea SullivanElegy For My Mother's Breasts
Leilani WrightThe Dissolution
Joan Ross Blaedel Arabesque I (Art Work)
Kay MullenGhetto Cemetery
William SlaughterSky Burial
Crysta CaseyThe Interrogation
Linda MalnackRepetition Is A Kind Of Rhyme
Heather McHughFigurativeLeaf
Joan Ross Blaedel Celestial Dome (Art Work)
Christine Deavel and John Marshall Booklist (poetry notes)