Index of Authors

Christianne Balk  Shorthorns
Kathy Banas The Convening of Gardeners 
Joan Ross Blaedel  Cantaloupe 
Morgan Blair 
(a k a Faye Kicknosway)
An excerpt from "Mother" 
Maura Alia Bramkamp  Tapping at the Hollywood Bar 
John Burns  Planning for My Praise Poem 
John Evans  Waco, 1993
Mary Lynne Evans  Eric at Sixteen 
Edward Field  The Book Of My Heart 
Arthur Ginsberg  Housecall 
Norm Goodwin  Lucky Hands 
John Gorski  Two Views of Mt Fuji
Jane Hirshfield Studying Wu Wei, Muir beach  
David Ignatow  As If 
Yaedi Ignatow  Blackout into Sunlight 
Shirley Kaufman  Mortality 
Lauren Kaushansky Flicker 
Galway Kinnell  Saint Francis And The Sow 
Cynthia Kraman  How Poetry Began 
Maxine Kumin  Connecting The Dots 
Marilyn Mashburn Lewis  Middle Age 
Robin Lindley  Father's Day 
Ted Lord  After School on a Thursday 
Joanne Barrie Lynn  The Man Who 
Mary Mackey  Blue 
Jack Marshall Smile On A Skull 
Susan Mersereau Unplugged 
Mark Newman  Last Colors 
Joyce Carol Oates 
Glimpsed from a Car,   
Quickly Passing
The Lord Is My Shepherd
I Shall Not Want
Robert Phillips Houston Haiku
What's The Point? 
Bruce Plotkin Prayer of The Sow 
Nina Redman  Split Cedar 
William Pitt Root  The Old Hand 
RB Schoene  Equilibrium Of Things 
Judith Skillman  Thirst 
Virginia Terris  Waves 
Barbara L. Thomas  What Milliner Bedecks the Maple?
Priscilla Turner  How I Found And Lost Paradise 
Donna J. Waidtlow  Chicken Feathers