Joanne Barrie Lynn
The Man Who
picks his wife up by the hat mis- took his name. In vain he calls-it-up-calls-it-up I'm who I am who I am jammed yes ma'am I'm dammed. The man who picks his name up like a hat winds-it-up-winds-it-up Ticcy ticcy talk tic talk I'm a shock-knock knock me for a nincompoop loop in the soup WHOOP! The man who mistook his name for a hat calls out-to-me-out-to-me God knows I'm scraped-botch I'm life no more truth I'm not completely nor. No key unlocks the man who

© 1995 by Joanne Barrie Lynn

Joanne Barrie Lynn is a founding member of Avalanche Poets, a performance group. Her work has appeared in several Northwest journals as well as the anthology, She Who Was Lost Is Remembered. She is the mother of a child with Tourette Syndrome.