Switched-on Gutenberg Issue 20
Event Report

The witness testifies the morning
was very cold, the day spread out for them
herself and the man. She was wearing a coat,
but what kind of a coat seems lost to her; gone
into some maw of mind it might have been
a pea coat. She thinks it was a pea coat.
It was in fact, a pea coat. That much has been
retrieved. His coat was gray tweed, he wore
no gloves. Her gloves, which she didn't have,
were also lost. He took her very cold right hand,
& placed it in his left coat pocket. He held
it there in his hand. It was a day the witness
says she will never forget a beginning; Year
of the Dog, in the House of the Fishes. It was
snowing the snow covered the rim of that day.



Catalina Morning
Image Copyright 2014,  C. Ziel

Poem Copyright 2014,  Julianna McCarthy

Julianna McCarthy lives in the Los Padres National Forest with a cat and a dog. Her poems have appeared in The Antioch Review, Best Poem, The Tidal Basin Review and Nimrod.

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