No Cute Pets
Cute, Fast Girl

Damn!   Naughty pig!
Damn!   She got out and took him with her!

             No problem, I can lure them back with corn!

             Worked for him!
             Not for her
             Would not trade her free-born self for potage

             If she had a red Corvette – top off – wind blowing
             through her bristles, billowing her ears –

             If she chased the sun into the west
             and found LA
             and became a skin-flick star
             we’d never see her round behind

Damn!   I never had good luck chasing fast young females
             This is bad as junior high

Sad!      With her gone, the little boar-to-be that loves her panicked
              She was over there, beyond this fence, beyond that fence,
              beyond those trees, in that big field

              He squealed and ran up and down and begged

Glory!     She wanted back!
               Found the gate in Cantrell’s yard
               Found the gate by the swings
               Closer and closer to him

               Then her ADD kicked in
               The grass was greener over here, over there,
               behind the barn, in the thicket, greener up the lane

Damn!     I can’t catch her!
                I can’t lure her!
                I can’t drive her!
               She’s like Judy, that little blond, when I was six

Look!       Let’s watch the show!
               The big steer and the heifer and the little bull
               and Boaz the Boar lined up to see

                They crowded round and leaned against the gate
                which I must open inward, against their weight

Hot dog!  Just like a girl! Pig changed her mind
                She sauntered through the gap and threw herself
                into the wallow

                Boy pig and I rejoiced
                We had our beauty back

                She ignored us

Racing Pigs
Copyright 2013,  Amasa Guy Larkins

Amasa Guy lives on a 50 acre farm in north Georgia where he raises cows, goats, pigs, and a herd of feral cats. Larkins has published four books of nonfiction. Poems have appeared in Slipstream and JJournal.

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