No Cute Pets
I Almost Petted Symbolism

            He stood so close we could have kissed,
close enough that
I could have dotted him in the eye, and
as realization startled us both, I
started walking away
hoping I would never
be on the business end of his antlers, he
not wanting to die on a simple morning meant for grazing, and
as he moved forward
I moved forward
six feet stopping at once, and
in that moment I knew,
his torso
was chained to my belly button,
he was born from my eyelids
through my existence, and
as long as I needed to rest eyes upon him
he was there,
tearing the dark out of soul, till
tears manufactured by morning
bore fruit and trees, and
as my slow mind finally rang the Bell curve,
my feet
walked on,
he disappeared
and smiled an abstraction
just like the face
of the blink which bore him.

Copyright 2013,  Esteban Colon

Esteban Colon is a writer and experiential educator from the city of Chicago Heights. He is a founding member of the Waiting 4 the Bus Poetry Collective and Editor in Chief of Exact Change Only. His work has been collected in the chapbooks "Edgar Avenue" and "Between Blue Lines." His work has also seen print in various publications, such as Rhino, After Hours, CC&D Magazine, and The American Open Mic, Vol. II.

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