No Cute Pets
Night Dogs

Barrel-chested, saddle-backed, they ram
through barricades and baby gates, gnaw
into sheetrock, bite a neighbor’s leg.

Your Gund rabbit is a lovely find,
their long teeth sinking into its white plushness,
velvety nose, button eye.

“Why don’t you stop them?” you ask.

How to explain? You still a child, sleeping
in a blue-cloud room with voile curtains,
rag dolls, and wooden toys.

I live at the end of a narrow hallway.
My room is square without windows or door.
Only the dogs know where to find me.
Snouts high, tails curved, they walk
through walls, carrying bones,
tokens from a buried past.


The Great Chain of Being
Copyright 2013,  Charlene Logan Burnett

Charlene's work has appeared in A cappella Zoo, Literary Mama, RHINO, Weave Magazine, and other journals. She earned an M.F.A. in playwriting from the University of California, Davis and lives in Davis, CA.

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