Liselotte’s Favor and Grace

Dear Great Aunt Liselotte,

You were that pleasing shape
just to the left of the elms.
Next to Gunter,  your lover,
uneasy,  unaware how quickly

he would be tamed.  Already,
shadows settle between you,
jostle the picnic tucked into
its basket, jostle the twins

tucked in you.  Nothing left
now of the scandal.  Nothing
left now of the town.  Of the square
where the whispers all started,

not even one cobblestone.  Although
there’s no headstone to mark it,
your bones lie somewhere near
this grove.  Your twins

grew to womanhood cherished
by Gunter’s meek,  actual wife.   Thus,
your red hair and blue eyes
came down to us.   Our

old women’s white,  lustrous waves
are still tinged with a faint
pink patina handed down
from those sweet,  supple days.

Copyright 2011,  Mary Zeppa

Mary Zeppa's poems have appeared in a variety of print and on-line journals, including PerihelionSwitched-on GutenbergZone 3The New York Quarterly  and Permafrost,  and in several anthologies,  most recently Beyond Forgetting: Poetry and Prose about Alzheimer’s Disease (Kent State University Press).

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