This is the Kind of Moon          

This is the kind of moon                      
men are killed under.
Matchflame in the sky,  waxing

gibbous,  wildernessing
the land below.   Upstairs,
my brother is saying
he wants to die.
On the highway to the west
of us,   there is a wreck.

A cicada goes off
like a gas leak somewhere.
In the downstairs bathroom,
naked,  I cut my hair.

Sophrosyne   c-print on archival board
Copyright 2005, Carolyn Krieg

Copyright 2011,  Sara Lier

Sara Lier is a student living in New Jersey.    Her poetry has recently appeared in Inkwell JournalThe Sow's Ear Poetry ReviewConteSo to Speak,  and Cloudbank,  where she received a prize for the best poem in that issue.    In addition, she received Brooklyn College's Academy of American Poets prize in 2007, and one of her poems was chosen by the Academy for an anthology of prize winners from the last decade.    She is currently looking for a publisher for her first chapbook collection.

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