Switched-on Gutenberg Issue 16
Does That White Seem Cold?

Finally Dottie put her finger on the problem.
   It seemed pleasant enough.
She had spent days counting heads
   in the photos of protesting crowds.
She’d seen the six-foot wing span,
   what nature does to a family, something
deep inside us all. An unending
   process of stopping and staring.
Poster children for existentialism,
 weighted and rotund, the solid,
seated female nude
   suddenly unsettled; caressing form
and contour, line and erasure.
 Apples rush across a table, their
sense of becoming and dissolving
 simultaneously. A bouquet of flowers
suggests a swarm of bees.
   It seemed like work to drink it.

Poetry Ball Swing
Copyright 2010, Maureen Conroy

Copyright 2010,  Carol Potter

Carol Potter has recently published poems in Prairie Schooner, and Field. Her latest book, "Otherwise Obedient" (Red Hen Press), was a finalist in the Lambda Literary Awards this year. Her third book, The Short History of Pets, won the Cleveland State University Poetry Center Award.

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