Switched-on Gutenberg Issue 16
After Enzo

The angular bloom of your head on the long stem of your neck
The red dog on your shoulder
The two sibling houses afloat in the absolute sky
Your eloquent fingers
Your one roving one unroving eye
The prim pride of your small motley collar
No shadows
No seasons
alongside your big reserve
but something you would have us know
The commanding sky is dauntless around you
A nation lives in your smooth forehead
Your cranberry lips bunched up over your story
Your big little girl’s gaze saying
summer will have its turn
Far away in the background
a small whitish bird
twitters inaudibly everything
you choose not to tell us

Pressure Drop
Copyright 2010, Tray Drumhann

Copyright 2010,  Ruth Kessler

Ruth Kessler grew up in Poland and Israel before coming to the U.S. She has published over 50 poems in journals and anthologies, and her poetry manuscript, "The Country of Elsewheres," has been a finalist in several book contests. She is a recipient of NYSCA grants and Yaddo and MacDowell fellowships.

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