Switched-on Gutenberg Issue 16
From My Grandfather's Notebooks

Erase worry and fear of the unknown.
Dr. Wolinsky: July 27, 1981. Monday.
Nursery = room for children.
I feel that America has had its fill of sophisticated, aloof, secretive and introverted leaders.
Maybe 1976 is the year America will opt for substance over form.
Thrift Drug prescription—date, slip, cost: 040378 7-27-78 70523811—$5.37.
Allegiance, amorphous, assembly, academic, attendant, attributable.
The first woman to run for president of the United States was = Virginia C. Woodhull in 1872.
The tallest human in the world: Robert Wadlow, age 22—8 feet, 11 inches.
Mr. Nixon is an obsessive compulsive personality.
Erase worry and fear of the unknown.
Admitted to the hospital July 29, 1981, Wednesday.
“I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America.”
A kiss should be a token of affection. Not a favor freely distributed.
A basic rule of interpretation is that a document should be constructed so as to give the fullest effect
    to all the parts.
Right of the people.
Our cause is the cause of human justice, human rights, human security.
I, Anthony Capasso, protest the unfair action of the company by diminution of wages.
A city is an act of faith.
Anthony and Mary Capasso married June 17, 1930.
Anthony and Mary Capasso remarried by Father Giovanetti June 5, 1933, in Swissvale at
    Madonna a del Castello, Duquesne Street.
Battle of Bunker Hill June 17, 1775.
Birthday June 26, 1905.
First American troops arrived in France June 26, 1917.
Life is a peculiar PHENOMENON or rather a whole series of PHENOMENA.
March 29, 1973: last soldier left Vietnam.
Pittsburgh: the city of many names, the gateway to the west, the iron city, the smoky city,
    the steel capital of the world, the arsenal of the world.
Went to Braddock for blood count on March 19th and March 22, Thursday.
Donald Capasso born April 14, 1932 (7lb, 4 oz).
Donna (6 lb) Capasso and Guy Catone born September 18, 1940.
Philomena Capasso born 1891, died June 5, 1951.
Joseph Capasso born October 7, 1862, died 1936.
Erase worry and fear of the unknown.
Private room #1426, Allegheny General Hospital.
Yule, yielding, yew, yak, yacht, yam, Yankee, yaup, yearn, yield.

Copyright 2010,  Anna Catone

Anna Catone's poems have appeared in the Boston Review, Caketrain, Commonweal, Journal of Feminist Studies in Religion, Post Road and elsewhere. She holds an MFA from Sarah Lawrence College, an MA from the Bread Loaf School of English at Middlebury College. Anna is a poetry editor at The Cortland Review and lives in Boston.

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