Switched-on Gutenberg Issue 16
5 by 2:  Number 1

The mind explores without compass or stars.
After each trip its atlas is redrawn.
Boxcar clouds chug east from Chuckanut Bay
heavy with the grandeur of nonchalance.
Denmark is a continent and ocean away.
But something’s rotten in the state of our fridge.
Ivy tendrils tap at the bedroom window.
Dreams shimmy down for flashlight tag.
Believing all the while in roundness,
how easy to step off the earth’s edge.

Box Construction with Mayan Biface

Copyright 2010,  Susan J. Erickson

Susan J. Erickson assembles poems and collage pieces from Bellingham, Washington.  Her work has appeared in Clackamas Literary ReviewSwitched-on-GutenbergPoetryMagazine.comRaven ChroniclesThe Lyric,  and various anthologies. Egress Studio Press published her chapbook "The Art of Departure" in 2003. 

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