Switched-on Gutenberg
Issue 13*

Place & Displacement—

By the gate [the servant] stopped me and asked where are you riding to sir?

I answered away from here, away from here, always away from here. Only by doing so can I reach my destination.

Then you know your destination he asked.

Yes I said I have already said so, 'Away-From-Here' that is my destination.

You have no provisions with you he said.

I don't need any I said. The journey is so long that I will die of hunger if I do not get something along the way. It is, fortunately, a truely immense journey."

      ---Franz Kafka

Photo Credit: US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration


*With this issue, we are switching to numbering our issues by year - and this is our 13th year!

Poets in This Issue:

Elizabeth Austen
Hilary Barnes
Richard Fein
Carol Frith
Casey Fuller
Joe Gouveia
Ed Harkness
Melissa M.Lewis
Frederick Lord
Joan Maiers
C.R. Manley
Joseph McDonough
Lisa Ortiz
Jennifer Gomoll Popolis
Joseph Powell
Shelley Puhak
Rochelle Ratner
Suzanne Scarfone
Dave Seter
Norma Voorhees Sheard
Laura Snyder
Steve Hellyard Swartz
Rosalee Van Stelten
Bill Vernon
Mike White
Gerard Wozek