Switched-on Gutenberg Vol. 6, No. 2
Wish You Were Here

At the end of a dark stairwell in Besalú
there remains an ancient miqva
where Jewish women bathed after childbirth.

Seven steps took them into the pool
of purifying water
that now stands only finger-deep.

But there is a glistening upon it from sunlight
breaking through a high, narrow window.

In the cavernous hush of crude stone walls
forgotten mother breaths rise blood-warm
from the water.

Copyright 2004,  Dorothy J. Williams

Dorothy J. Williams is an Arizona native and a graduate of the University of Utah. Her poems have appeared in several journals, including The Mochila Review, Washington English Journal, The Connecticut River Review, and in her collection, Child In A Sculptured Bowl. She lives in Kirkland, Washington, and is the music librarian for the Bellevue Philharmonic.


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