Submission Guidelines for Issue: Volume 6 Number 2

We are looking for poems on the theme:  The Famous and the Infamous.

Fifteen minutes in the spotlight!  Warhol described the dark ambition driving contemporary America.  First we all
sought food and shelter, then God, the desire for wealth and power.  Now, we all just want want to be on 'Survivor'.
Yehudi Menuin, Genghis Khan, Hill and Bill.  A dozen poems about Brittany Spears or Osama - run screaming or whole lotta cool?

Submissions for the next issue:

We report on new submissions shortly before each issue goes on-line. This can take a long time since we are a bunch of volunteers with lots of other committments! We hope that Vol. 6, No. 2, will appear before the end of 2002.

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