Joel Gillman

Transportation is Necessary to Experience the First Harvest

Hijack the planet to a place
that hasn't close captioned the imagination
for the thinking impaired.

Deliver it by carrier pigeon
to a doctor who will abort
the double myths of perpetuity and plentitude.

Halt the mass destruction of dreams.
There is a strength in numbers--
as long as they're alive.
Six million deaths doesn't amount
to  anything more than a black eye
that most would rather keep closed.

Feel the wisdom in your body.
It's the unseen connection to your ancient roots,
a nervous system nourished through inquiry.

Touch everything.
It will strengthen your visions.
Depth perception isn't a social construct;
and sleep is an orgy of past lives,
shuttling through you at the speed of light.

You are all involved in this coming of age story.
Nothing is yours to own,
not even your collective unconscious.
Don't get lost in the crowd.
Learn that where you go is more than
just a place to pass the time.
It's a stone, a knife, a tool
to chisel away at your face value.

Copyright 1999,   Joel Gillman

Joel Gillman teaches middle school language arts and social studies near Richard Hugo's old stomping grounds,  a short bike ride from his home in West Seattle. Inspiration for First Harvest sprang from Joe Kane's book  'Savages,' about the plight of indigenous Peruvians, and John Guare's play 'Six Degrees of Separation.'

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