James Oliver Tisdale

Thank-you Notes

While the taste
of wet Frisbees
clings to your teeth
and a sea of green
question marks
sloshes through the head
like, "Why am I
stumbling through
the Pine Barrens
with my jeans on
backwards?" and
"Who was that singer
with the blue shoes
and sideburns?"
you shouldn't fret.

Those buried memories
may eek out
about all the fun
you had on-board
the mothership
even if Ermlon-8
and his (her?)
assistant Blinky's
return address

Fear not, Camper,
just pin the
Thank-you note
to your underwear.

If all the talkshow microphones
don't interfere
with the transponder
behind your left ear
they will certainly
be sure
to get back

Copyright 1999, James Oliver Tisdale
Jamey is trying not to let his Elvis worship slacken as he slogs through the Creative Writing Program at the UW, searching for comfy crop circles and taunting Godzilla's agent.  Any reports of intelligent life can be directed to jtisdale@u.washington.edu

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