Miki Hopper-Estrada


Buddha statue leans forward,
lifts his hands inexplicably.
Torso and visage undulating,
he gingerly mounts his dais.

Chinese temple dog rises,
stretches and dips to the right.
Bulk trembling, his throbbing
marble eyes peer out.

Baby blue blossoms rouse, reach
upward from their ceramic vase
searching for water, air like
an overly coifed Medusa.

Framed in purple, paper sculpted
cherubs twist and turn their heads.
Red ribbons tied round their
ankles wave like fairground flags

warning uninformed patients beware
their doctors' ill-advised concoctions.

Copyright 1998, Miki Hopper-Estrada

Six years doctoral discipline and dissertation research in Romance Sociolinguistics took Miki Hopper-Estrada far from her BA studies in Spanish Literature.  Discovering American poetry has been a glorious trip back. "Medicated" first appeared in the chapbook, Micaela's Cookbook of Poetry (1998). 

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