Elizabeth Myhr

The Dangerous One

What dark thing dances
in the us in the summer shade,
what sweet dark takes us
under its wing,
into the wing
of desire?

Flies hover over the summer, field-stilled
A new jet flies over us,
promises, promises

And the field holds a breath,
dance close, close,
a reunion, at once an
upon a time
a pearl,

all in a one time more,
you, my true
pretense, my
divinity, take me
only ever,
to destruction.

Copyright 1999,  Elizabeth Myhr

Elizabeth Myhr grew up in Seattle and graduated from The Evergreen State College in 1988.  She currently works as a website content editor. Her poetry has been published in several magazines and journals.  In 1997 she received a GAP Grant Award from Artist Trust, a Seattle foundation, and in 1998 was an artist-in-residence at Centrum, the non-profit arts center in Port Townsend, Washington.

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