Rebecca Loudon

Blue Pill

Doctor tells me to continue the pills
I show her hands full of hair
skin pinched pink as boiled potatoes
tongue spooling out
She says "its only been two months, give it a chance"

At night birds stand on my eyes
their prickled feet dig in
I dream of my dead, loudly
or wake every hour

I forget the names for things
She says "we can't have you crying on the bus"

Poetry hides there
under spoons and plates
the broken skein of thought
and too much food
Hides like a willful child
or a winter dog
and my son says
"I like you better crazy"

Copyright 1999,  Rebecca Loudon
Rebecca Loudon is enrolled in the Advanced Poetry Certificate program at the University of Washington. She participates in Paula Gardiner's ongoing Women Poets workshops, and recently had two poems published in Between the Lines.

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