Neca Stoller

Soldier, Peasant and Worker
Before the wall
he set up an easel
roughed in
quick charcoal strokes.
By evening a wet mural,
unset washes still glistening.
It was quite magnificent.
Filling the entire fresco
three interlocked figures
small brown faces
their rounded bodies
patterned in unity.

Just before twilight
homeward bound workers
pause…slow to a halt.
There in the sunset,
high on the building,
the trio’s eyes
once more agleam

Copyright 1998, Neca Stoller
Neca Stoller began writing when she moved to rural Georgia.  Her  book of free verse, Bound by Red Clay (ISBN 0-964650-8-4), will be published in March, 1999.  In 1997 she won the Haiku Society of America Renku Award with writing partner, Laura Young.  She has had free verse, haiku, tanka, and sijo published in various literary journals and e-zines.

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