Gail Lukasik

flowers stung shut with cold
color leaves the sunset black, white
opening shadows like this flowering
glass inside me slivers carry
pigments too numerous for his
words lines converge into what
looks like geometry my body
triangular hand, nipple’s
rectangle chiseled
where chips of alabaster
fall I gather
sepals, petals, pollen into paint
its smell stings him
over and over

Copyright 1992, Gail Lukasik
Gail Lukasik’s poems have been published in Georgia Review, Carolina Quarterly, Connecticut River Review, and Mississippi Valley Review.  She teaches writing and literature courses at the University of Illinois at Chicago.  "Forget-me-not" originally appeared in Landscape Toward a Proper Silence, a chapbook.

Switched-on Gutenberg
Thematic Contents / Vol. 3, No. 2 
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