K. K. Todorovich

Growing Walla Walla Sweets

on land whose deed now
bears no family’s name
my father turned himself
into a dove
in a field of blackbirds
forswore going
after Grandpa’s onion dreams
yet would not defy that frail man
wielding still the staff
in the dim room of curtain peonies
nor expect words in praise
or laughter.

My father let his own dreams slack
curl back on themselves
like low-yield crops
sown without expectation
in spent dirt.

Copyright 1993, K. K. Todorovich

K. K. Todorovich’s draws on her Eastern Washington farming background for much of her work. She works in the poetry performance group The Sound of Three Hawks, was co-founder of Around the Sound Productions, editor of the anthology Eat Your Mind, and co-founder of the Cedar River Poetry Society. Recent publications are included in Expressions and Maverick Press; the latter, a play-poem, received a Pushcart Prize nomination.

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