Cathy Ruiz

Lone Egret

          Molakai, Hawaii

A leperís silence
pursues the corners in a room
stirred up by dust, while
solitude, a lone egret,
crosses the road,

amidst voices
of suffering
that hang like tattered kites onto the wind.
Their destiny
strings still
connect them to
this tiny piece of volcanic

The Southern Cross,
fallen onto its side,
slides into a
hemisphere, dragged
with passing constellations as
shudder and
tall grasses against
the sand.

Abandoned faces stare up through
lava rock,
fingers skitter along cliffs,

while doves coo at morning
a promise soon
by a leperís silence.

Copyright 1997, Cathy Ruiz

Cathy Ruiz is an ardent traveler and much of her writing evolves from this. Her poetry will appear this fall in New To North America, a cross-cultural anthology, and Mediphors. She is also a creative writing teacher.

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