Coeditor's Notes
When we typed the following poems into the computer, we were visually geared to the printed page and soon realized that we needed to let go of some notions of poetry publishing. For instance, centering each poem on the computer page could be a problem: If the user chose a large font size, longer lines might fall off the right margin. Therefore, we opted to left-justify each poem, hoping that the visual integrity of each piece would be maintained. We also discovered that page length is an outmoded idea in cyberspace. Since there is no need to paper-print a poem in order to read it, each of the longer pieces could be considered a single computer page.

As a reader you have several choices as to how you may view the forty-two poems comprising the first issue of Switched-on Gutenberg. Just as in a printed text, our Table of Contents offers you the option of either viewing a specific poem or reading these poems in sequence--an arrangement we hope showcases each piece by theme and tone. To follow our sequencing, choose the first poem in the Table of Contents as your selection.

We welcome any suggestions which might help the evolution of this exciting project. ---Kathy Banas and Donna Waidtlow