Switched-on Gutenberg Issue 20
The View from November

One shoe
alone on the road,
stuck to black ice
in a goat-footed world.

Ironwoods armored
with rust-colored bark,
branches awaiting
orders to fire.

Dissonant choirs
of windblown crows,
fevers and fits
over half-gnawed bones.

In the whirl and litter
of yesterday’s storm,
a whitetail doe
with her gangly fawn.

April’s ashes
spiking the fields,
new snow gauzing
translucent wounds.


Sunset Horse
Image Copyright 2014,  Barbara LaMorticella

Poem Copyright 2014,  Paul Fisher

Paul Fisher’s first full-length Book, Rumors of Shore, won the 2009 Blue Light Book Award. Recent poems appear in venues, including Cirque, Crab Creek Review, Floating Bridge Review, and Nimrod International Journal, and are forthcoming in the anthology, River of Earth and Sky: Poems for the 21st Century.

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