Switched-on Gutenberg Issue 20
The lung-stunning nights of forty below
have moved eastward to my home state
and the mule deer who used to watch
with me have exited to better feeding grounds
and when I show up, it's only the magpie's flash
and the red squirrel's busy retrieval of seed
that I keep watch over as the sun completes its arc
of valley to its two p.m. drop behind Sulphur.
This is another complaint about internal weather,
as if what I have to say doesnít matter
without extremes of temperature and creature,
when every dynamicís nonlinear
if you attend closely enough.

Copyright 2014,  Robin Chapman

Robin Chapmanís most recent book, One Hundred White Pelicans (Tebot Bach), is a collection of climate change poems. Her work has appeared recently in Alaska Quarterly Review, The Cortland Review, and Valparaiso Poetry Review.

Background Photo: Cloud 3 Copyright 2014,  Kelly Nelson

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