No Cute Pets
For I Consider my Walt a Cool Cat

Because Walt is a vast creature containing multitudes,
his last name became Whitman.

Because he moves like a quiet river,
vermin beware.

Because a dog bite warped his tail,
heís wary of barkers.

Because if his furís tweaked, he will hiss,
spit, unsheathe his claws; or flee to climb a tree.

Because his eyes shine full moons, he must
be related to owlsówise, too.

Because in a closet in his mind, he stores
Egyptian diadems, worship isnít a surprise.

Because Waltís middle name is Magnanimous,
when sprawling in the sun he purrs:

Awash in warmth,
I sing of myself, a drowsy ocean,
breath waves roll deep.
I sleep the dream of velvet seas,
call me Liquid Peace.

And I wish for everyone
a rest sublime like mine.
Then, as you wake,
may cataracts of light
guide every step you take.

Chimp Chat
Photographed by Theda & Emerson Hall.
Copyright 2013,  Carol Sunde

Carol Sunde has been reading and writing poerty for over a decade. She has studied with poets at Richard Hugo House and the Port Townsend Writers' Conference as well as in numerous workshops.

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