No Cute Pets
Good Dog

The boy child of the man she is dating kills a luna moth clinging to the screen door after she talks and talks to him about how beautiful and harmless it is.  First he cries because he is afraid.  Then he grins because that is the kind of boy he is.   Never leave me alone with him again.

The mongrel dog faces the mirror every morning to trim his shaggy jowl fur.  He repeats five times I am the mongrel god.  He believes it.  Affirmations.  He watches his owner do them.  She is deserving of love.  She is stunning.   She is a nature girl.   She saved him off the street when she left her boyfriend and the boy child.   She never wanted to live alone again.  Dogs/gods are more loyal than boyfriends and would never kill a luna moth on a screen door.

Sphinx Moth: Mazama, WA
Copyright 2013, William Ross
Copyright 2013,  Lisa J. Cihlar

Lisa J. Cihlar's poems appeared or are forthcoming in The South Dakota ReviewGreen Mountains ReviewCrab Creek ReviewBlackbird , and The Prose-Poem Project.  She has been twice nominated for a Pushcart Prize.   Her chapbook, The Insomniacís House, is available from Dancing Girl Press and a second chapbook, This is How She Fails is available from Crisis Chronicles Press.   She lives in rural southern Wisconsin.

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