Body Music (in three parts)

Playing Bass With My Butt

I pretend Iím polythene good-
lookin and girn and
bump. Chicks dig backbeat.
Iím no spring but I slap.
Come grok my band
Spinal Clack.

Playing Synth With My Eyebrow

Bangles beat no buried treasure -              
trail down my camel leg. I sly-kick.
I sneak that jubilant calf thru
QuickTime just to bluff
that manic morning
off your face.

Playing Ukulele In The Dark

Baby flowers pop out
with a thumb kiss. Clean potting,
broken wildness. Is this
honeysuckle world flacked
in a jar? Open, open.

Soft Coral, Indonesia, Mary Pearson (2005)

Copyright 2012, Pamela Murray Winters

Pamela Murray Winters lives in Maryland with her husband, cats, birds, and poems. The poems that have escaped have been published in The Gettysburg Review, Gargoyle, Fledgling Rag, and elsewhere.

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