from Henry Gray (1825–1861).Anatomy of the Human Body.
sthira sukha asanam

in a bamboo shoot i realized the shape of body: four corners of padded feet in yoga nidra felt each    toe    heel   calf stream up my left leg, right leg to    genital blocks curve at hips craving     o  p  e  n  i  n  g form of pigeon pose—here an ocean, a family, orange are held on        ascend yellow belly, heal with tw&sts, the female lunar is left, & alternate the release with ginger, pranayama in three part, tummy breathes into lungs rise sun, heart chakra,  i am ready    to get myself loved    exp o [sing] through shoulders that love to dance to sweet music, curlinguptomeet the back thoracic    taurus throat, i’m learning to speak, vac trace this neck to pierced ear pressure point electricity, silver dangles, three main nadi rivers   green sunflower eye exercises, i run my thumb tips over brow rim to massage temples, touch 3rd eye to crown, the ether is violet    violet

Copyright 2012, Meghan Schardt

Meghan Schardt holds her MFA in writing and poetics from the Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics at Naropa University. Her poetry can be found in Haight Ashbury Literary Magazine and Willard & Maple Literary and Fine Arts Magazine, and she has work forthcoming in Lost Keys Magazine and The Pulchritudinous Review. In 2007, she won Champlain College's Poetry Prize. Meghan is an avid yogini, lover of herbal medicine, and finds great solace in salt.

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