Arterial Flow

Purely a scientific moniker
for our sea sponge of fiber
His amazing hand
apparent in the masterpiece.

Little lamb of God,
take away the sins of the world
and pardon as we stare
at the very veins through which
our blessings flow.


Bone Marrow
from Henry Gray (1825–1861).Anatomy of the Human Body.

Copyright 2012,  Lori Becherer

Lori Becherer is an artist, photographer and poet and from southern Illinois. She has received numerous awards for her poetry including first place in the 2011 Wednesday Club of St. Louis 85th annual poetry contest. Her poetry has been published in Penumbra, lipstik, and Head to Hand. She is a coauthor of Orchids in the Cornfield: Collected Writings of the Heartland Women’s Writers Guild. "Arterial Flow" was inspired by a visit to "Body Worlds 3" in St. Louis, MO in 2008.

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