morning after

santa fe,  argentina,  knows a secret.
buried in the ruins of a room full
where we spent hours
doing things we were not
supposed to do,  with people
we were not supposed to know

santa fe,  argentina,  has the evidence.
lips locked for liplocked consequence —

santa fe,  argentina,  stole a keepsake
we parted with wide-eyed satisfaction,
skin on skin those backwards nights.


Copyright 2011,  Naomi Krupitsky Wernham

Naomi Krupitsky Wernham is a student at New York University,  where she spends most of her time reading things,  writing things,  thinking about reading and writing things,  and talking about reading and writing things.    Her poetry,  fiction, and critical writing have appeared in ASEBL JournalThe Broken CityNorth Central Review, and New Plains Review.

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