Before the Air Hangs in June

Everything must be made to silence
After they are given birth
The animals begin running
With their whisper-friends once more
The ground breaks open
To release Indonesia—
And blankets are stripped from the beds     
All at once we imagine
Everything is okay again
The days grow longer
Like a yoke on a string
Knowing the season
Will be gone before it ends
The air is created from epiphany
And the stained glass part of ourselves
Will see forever and break open—
We imagine May will take us dancing
And the quiet light of June will find us.

Lacunae   acrylics, photographs on canvas
Copyright 2006, Carolyn Krieg

Copyright 2011,  Laura Eklund

Laura Eklund is a painter and poet residing in Eastern Kentucky.  She's published one book, and has a chapbook forthcoming from Amsterdam Press.  More information can be found on her website

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