Arriving At The Hospital

You wonder why you agreed to Doug’s plan to blow it up
you forgot a tool to punch holes in the explosives
to insert the detonator so Doug pulls a pistol
When the shots have no effect you realize
that you have the wrong bucket
you hurry back to the rented room a few blocks away
grabbing your things you see a swat team
but they are after the meth lab upstairs
you try to put your suitcase into the trunk
of Doug’s car but there is too much junk in there
you put it in the back seat;
a scruffy fellow across the street attempts to induce you
to take drugs but you have your own problems


Copyright 2011,  Larry Blazek

Larry Blazek was born in Northern Indiana, but moved to the southern part because the climate is more suited to cycling and land is cheap.   He has been publishing the magazine-format collage Opossum Holler Tarot since 1983 (and is always looking for submissions).   Larry's poems have been published in The Bat ShatVox PoeticaLeveler PoetryFive Fishes, and Front, among many others.

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